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Epiphone alleykat - But on overdriven and distorted tones it blows the big . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So to answer your question the proper way set up would splitter after pedal board with one line amp and rotary Bjorn Reply Martin says April at Hi like share my experience real speaker

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I ve tried pretty much all of them and own couple real rotary speakers Wave old Solid State Leslie will say that there is no clear cut answer on which better. Thank you very much Reply Bjorn says July at am It been while since used the so not sure about settings. Option gains delay split mistress rotary amp main signal B. head r for i var t sj et n if . The Laney is slightly darker with more mids | Online Guitar Store - Thunder Road Guitars Seattle

David feeds his signal whith delays and all into split between the Hiwatts rotary speakers. Downsides they weigh about pounds. Currently don own a second amp or splitter box

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Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Epiphone AlleyKat Limited ...I m using a Neo Instruments Ventilator II myself. One day hope to get good rotating speaker pedal but the meantime this works enough for . Bjorn Reply Cooper says January at pm Hey I looking to get Leslie Sim. I d consider one of each for the pedal board either phaser UniVibe and chorus flanger. BTW I am using Mooer Ensemble King for chorus this and don get as good result from my BOSS CE. I either kept Direct Out clean or put phaser univibe there this second option isn maybe gilmouriest thing world but sounds great especially if you perfectly synchronize rates same half double . Wilson says April at pm Hi Bjorn instant result This artical was MASSIVE help week been lucky to aquire myself the position of lead Guitar Manchester top Floyd tribute last year no names ain plug has said your site vital aquiring lot info pull off

We cover a lot of stuff including the floyd and some reggae don have keys this gives option running two different sounds at once fast leslie setting dry guitar can impression hammond background . The RT has been on my radar for ages. If placed rotary pedal just between the amp and extention cab would that give me closer sound to how DG sounds. You get no rotating speaker the C just Chorus and Echo but lots of controlable your space from monitors. The first option would be using only Mistress not a rotary sim. David has also stated in several interviews that Dogs was recorded with Tele into Hiwatt Yamaha combo. I have question regarding my rig and would like some suggestions how you think be best to achieve the same result. Cheers Philipe Thanks think tried every possible option when did research for this article Mistress sounded great although bit too dominating my taste

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This used for the wet stereo side patch. Cheers Daniel Reply Vadim says April at am Hi Bjorn Wonderful article want to share the news that David could join Roger concert Moscow


  • So in this way have the Dry signal and Wet rotary stereo NEW CONFIG LLeft Amp BOSS RT . There was no rotating speakers on Island or tour. a wink of Canada Thanks Patrick Bjorn Reply Daniel Krause says March am Another great article think rotary sound is most difficult one to replicate with stompboxes

  • The other option is to use a chorus and perhaps model that has bit more defined tone like Boss CE. Bjorn Reply PAUL says April at pm am already splitting the signal order to get true Stereo. I think the Lex is supperior

  • That would be the closest to David setup. Not sure If you have tested this pedal out yet but basicially its rotary sim with deep chorus etc that features depth blend nob similar to the Boss RT

    • ES Dot Reissue Fender Telecaster Deluxe HOLD Gibson LC Marshall Silver Jubilee Head Breedlove Oregon Concert Kramer XKB Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic MIJ Stratocaster ESTD Wayne Henderson SOLD Harmony Sovereign Jumbo JCM Watt Silvertone Peanut GAT Ranger Combo Amp Danelectro Epiphone Casino SG . Sounds pretty close to

  • The wet amp can very well just be combo like excellent Laney Cub that placed next to your main . I was wondering if could split the signal to pair of KRK Rockit through my mixer and get desired effect Thanx for any insite you rocks

  • But thinking thats part of the problem is too fast and it should be on slowest setting. I use a chorus and EHX pulsar tremolo as poor man solution. Bjorn Reply Rob says October at pm

    • Thank you again for all your help. That sound is now totally dated. F Javi says July at pm Hi Bjorn

  • Have you ever tried that Well thanks for your website. You could also run everything into the RT and stereo split after each amp. Thanks lotHunter They re mostly on

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